Viewers will know that The Woman King movie is unlike any movie they've seen before.

The Woman King," which hit theaters last week, weaves together the stories of several characters,

Although it focuses most on General Naniska, the leader of Agozi, played by Viola Davis – in a role she calls him a "magnum opus". ,

The film is not a documentary, so some parts of the Dahomey world seen on screen are the filmmakers' interpretations.

For the film, the team did as much research as they could, tracking down images of women, studying the architecture of the palace ruins, and researching how the Dahomey people lived.

"In the Dahomey world there were specific colors that meant different things," costume designer Gersha Phillips said in a statement.

Even the costumes fit the color scheme and worldbuilding seen in the film.

"The earth and these people have a vibrancy: we see it in the red of the ground," production designer Akin McKenzie said in a statement.