Mark Zuckerberg is in big, big trouble They have lost a staggering amount so far this year.

Billionaire's wealth has dropped by $71 billion this year, according to a Bloomberg report

He has $55.9 billion left, making him only the 20th richest person in the world.

In other words, it's no surprise that investors have reacted negatively to Zuckerberg's billion-dollar bet.

"I think Facebook won't do any good as long as it's there," Bill George, senior fellow at Harvard Business School, told CNBC last week.

Bloomberg called the company's recent earnings report "disappointing" after TikTok stole users left and right from Meta's Instagram.

According to the report, just two years ago, he was the third person in the world to have almost double the net worth.

September 2021 coincides with the month Zuckerberg announced the company's name change and the pivot to Metaverse.