The Finnish PM Sanna marin, is facing a backlash after she was seen partying with some people

In the clip, that has been widely shared on social media platforms, Ms Marin is dancing with a group of people in what appears is a private apartment.

 In footage she and her friend including finish celebrities are seen dancing with singing. 

 She has faced criticism from other parties, with one of the party leader demanding for take a drug test. 

Marin Denied taking drug and admitted drink only alcohol and just partied in a boisterous way. 

In last week, Marin was dubbed the coolest prime minister in the world by German News outlet Bild. 

she commenting on the video after become public she said she knew she was being filmed but was upset on viral video. 

Ms. Marin has been in power since December 19 and retains the support of her party.